Welcome to 3rd-4th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of  Jan. 17 – Jan. 21


MAP testing:  It begins this week.  It is very helpful to have your student get a good night's rest, as well as a solid, healthy breakfast for good concentration.


Singing:  K-4 will be singing in church on Feb. 6th.  We'd love to have your child join us in beautifying the worship service.


Field Trip:  Our end of the year field trip is to the Edgerton Science Museum on May 12th.  It seems like a long way off; but it will be here in no time. :)


Christ Light:  This week our lessons are The 12 spies & Korah's rebellion.  Ask us what a scapegoat is.  Memory for Tuesday is Romans 6:23; Friday's memory is hymn #208 stanza 1 (the first 4 lines).


Spelling:  Unit 19.  Pages 128-129 are due on Wednesday, while pages 130-131 are due on Friday.


Language:  We plan to dig into comparing and contrasting.


Science:  We have two experiments going on right now--one is growing mold on bread; the other is seeing how roots absorb water/nutrients.  Ask us what is surprising in our observations.


Reading (3/4):  We have started reading the play, The Crowded House.  This week one of our assignments will be to answer some questions.  **Sometime in February we hope to perform the play for you. :)


AR:  Keep up good reading habits to become a stronger reader.


BOOK REPORTS:  Students have chosen their next book.  For this book report, students will be making a poster that goes along with the story theme.  The due date is Feb. 7th.


Reading (5/6):  We have just started our poetry unit.  Ask us what the difference between rhyme and alliteration is.  Soon we will be writing some good poems of our own.


Creative Writing (7/8):  This week we plan to look at the writing process from a different viewpoint-- we will be grading some essays.  **There will be some guidelines and a form to fill out.


"...eagerly desire the greater gifts."