Welcome to 3rd-4th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Sept. 21-25


MAP testing this week.  Please encourage your child to get an extra night's good rest and healthy breakfast to help him/her be at their best.


Christ Light:  This week our lessons are The baptism of Jesus & The temptation of Jesus.  Tuesday's memory is Ps. 119:105; Friday's memory is 1 Peter 5:8.


Spelling:  Unit 5.  Pages 42-43 are due on Wednesday, while pages 44-45 are due on Friday.


Language:  Nouns will be our new unit.  Finding the complete subject can be a little tricky--stay away from the verb is the best advice. :)


Science:  We had our first quiz last week.  Our next unit is to discover more things that move in space.  Did you know there is an asteroid belt?


Junior Art (3/4):  There is a quiz on color this Friday.


Math:  3rd grade will be learning to round numbers to the nearest 10 and shading thirds.  Ask us what "thirds" means.  4th grade will be learning the difference between a numerator and a denominator, as well as range and mode.


Reading (3/4):  Owl Moon is our next story.  


BOOK REPORTS:  Posters (and AR test) are due on September 29th.


Reading (5/6):  A biography about Roberto Clemente is our next story.  Ask us what sport he played.


Creative Writing (7/8):  **There is a quiz this Thursday on the parts of an essay.  Our new assignment is to describe 3 healthy ways to handle stress.


"Carry each other's burdens."





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