Welcome to 3rd-4th Grade

Classroom News and Notes

Week of March 9-13


The carnival was a lot of fun! Thank you to all those who made it possible!


Christ Light:  This week our lessons are Samson's strength & Samson's capture and death.  Ask us how many soldiers Gideon had for the battle against the MIdianites. Ask us how long Gideon served as a judge for Israel.  Memory for Tuesday is the 6th commandment; Friday's memory is 1 Peter 5:8.


Spelling:  Unit 23.  Pages 150-151 are due on Wednesday, while pages 152-153 are due on Friday.


Language:  Action and linking verbs are what our new unit is on.  Ask us the five main linking verbs.


Math:  Test 15 today.  This week 3rd grade will learn about square roots and adding money amounts.  **It is important to line up the decimals.  4th grade will be learning about polygons and writing the remainder in a division problem as a fraction.


Science:  Animal reports on the trifold board are due next week.  How are we coming along?


Reading (3/4):  We don't have much left of our poetry unit.  We will be reading some concrete poems, and then writing some of our own for Friday.


BOOK REPORTS:  Grades 3-6 should be choosing a historical fiction book for their next book report; it is a commercial so there won't be a paper to hand in.


Reading (5/6):  We will be studying African American poetry.  Shakespeare comes after that.  For Wednesday we have some questions to answer; for Friday we have an excuse poem to write.


Creative Writing (7/8):  Our new assignment is to write a top 10 list (using phrases) of what occupations the student is interested in.


"It is God who justifies..." Romans 8:33


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