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Welcome to 7th-8th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Dec. 19 – Dec. 22


Mr. Markgraf's Classes: 

7-8 Religion: We have been taking a close look at several psalms – specifically at how many of them point to Jesus (Messianic Psalms) and relate to the New Testament.


7-8 Science: Creation/Evolution essays are due on Wednesday – this is our last assignment of the quarter! We will only have one class period this week because of the short week and the Christmas program. We will spend it working on some projects that we received from Crunch Labs.


3-8 P.E.: Various games and activities to keep us active and moving until Christmas break!


God bless your week!


Mr. Aaron Markgraf



Ms. Lindemann’s Classes: 


7/8 Hymnology: Hymn 55 “O Come, All Ye Faithful” verses 1-3 are due this Wednesday. There will be no new hymn.


7/8 English: Between now and Christmas, we will take the time to learn more about writing an opinion essay.


6/7 Math: This week we will look at rate and averages word problems.   


7/8 Reading: For the week and a half leading up to Christmas, we will be reading A Christmas Carol as a class and watch a spoof version of the play as well. Students shouldn’t come home with any homework unless they missed a day of class. Then they will be given a copy of the book and will need to read to catch up with the class.    


5/6 Science: Our newest unit in science is about water. We will be answering the question “How do humans and water affect each other positively and negatively?” We will have some work days for the students’ final projects. Final projects will not be due till the Friday we come back (1/6), but I would like to have most of them done before Christmas break.  


With Christmas service practice becoming more and more frequent, we are putting our inventions on hold until after Christmas.


3/4 Music: This week we will spend all our time memorizing the verses to our Christmas song, “The Tree of Life.”



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