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Classroom News and Notes


Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4


Mr. Markgraf’s Classes


7-8 Religion: We’re on to a new unit: “The Life of Faith According to the Psalms”. In this unit, we’ll be looking specifically at the Psalms and how they apply to our lives of faith!


7-8 Science: We’ll be nearing the end of our Creation/Evolution unit this week. The goal of this unit is to be able to defend our faith in the Creator God in the face of evolution. We’ve learned a lot about the theory of evolution and what the Bible has to say about the development of life on Earth.


3-8 P.E.: Each class is making their way through the Spikeball curriculum. We’re working on skills to enable us to play successfully!


God bless your week!


Mr. Aaron Markgraf





Ms. Lindemann’s Classes


7-8th Hymnology-There is no hymn due this Monday. This week we will be memorizing the second Christmas song, “Still, Still, Still.”


7-8th Language Arts- After looking at DO’s and IOs last week, this week will are working on PA’s and PN’s along with different sentence structures. 


Course 2 Math- On the agenda for this week is converting fractions, decimals, and percentages. While this can be a little tricky, we will be taking our time and doing a lot of practice.  


7-8th Literature-We have finished reading the third novel of the school year. This week we will finish it up by working on the final projects and presenting them on Wednesday. Our next unit of study will be looking at plays. We will pick novels next week.


While Christmas is just around the corner, so is the end of the 2nd quarter. 7-8th graders may need to spend a little more time reading for AR points. I recommend reading 20-30 minutes a night if not more. Any less and it is hard for students to retain the information and connect with the book.


5-6th Science- Over the weekend, student finished working on their slides about the NASA spin offs which are pieces of NASA technology and discoveries that we use in our day to day lives. After presenting these slides to the group, the last piece of our space puzzle will be to have each of the students pick one question or idea that they would like to learn more about space that they haven’t learned yet. They will research the topic, write a small essay on it, and present to the class. All of this will be included as their final project instead of taking a test on the material. This project will stretch out this week and next week, and I will walk them through each part one step at a time.


With the completion of their Marble Run projects, we will be starting anew unit in STEM. The 5-6th graders expressed an interest in learning about coding. We will be doing several different exercises before being one final project. This week will just be an introduction to what coding is and an overview of the unit.


5-6th Social Studies- There have been some wonderful discoveries over the years. Friday, we will be taking a look at some of the bigger discoveries and asking ourselves what the historical and present importance these discovers are.


3-4th Music- With the Christmas program coming up, we are spending time memorizing the different Christmas songs, as well as the song that we will sing this weekend. The 3-4th graders will be recorded on Thursday, December 3rd during Music class. I have asked all the students to dress nice for the recording. I would like them to be wearing jeans with a nice top that doesn’t have words or logos on them. While we all miss the experience of singing in church, it is nice to dress up a little for the recording. Please remind your students on Thursday morning as they are getting dressed.


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call or text me at 920-663-1892 or email me at lisalindemann@stpls.com. God’s blessings on your week!   


Ms. Lisa Lindemann





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