Welcome to 7th-8th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of May 10 - 14


Mr. Markgraf’s Classes:


7-8 Religion: We are continuing to watch “The Chosen” in class. In each episode, we’re trying to pick out one BIG question that we might ask God about if we had the opportunity, as well as a quote that we can reflect on.


7-8 Science: We will take our FINAL TEST this week! Hard to believe we’re already done!


3-8 P.E.: Students get to choose what they’d like to do during the last few P.E. classes. It’s a good chance for us to review the things we’ve done this year!


The 7-8 FIELD TRIP is next Monday to TreeRush Adventures at the Fontenelle Forest just south of Omaha. Money was due TODAY (Monday). Students and drivers should plan to arrive to school before 7am next Monday to allow us enough time to make it down there and enjoy our time. We’ve had several volunteer drivers, so we will be reaching out to those people this week to let everyone know who’s driving whom!


God bless your week!


Mr. Aaron Markgraf





Ms. Lindemann’s Classes


7-8th Hymnology- Verses 1 and 4 of 492 “Son of God, Eternal Savior” are due this Wednesday. This will be the last hymn of the year, but we will be practicing the Closing Prayer that the school will sing on Graduation.


7-8th Language Arts- There will be a new weekly essay posted on Monday. We continue our unit on Prepositional Phrases this week.


Course 2 Math- We will be covering powers of negative numbers, dividing terms, square roots of monomials, finding perimeter of arcs, and finding surface area. The last test of the school year will be on Friday. Next Tuesday the students will take their new placement tests.


7-8th Literature- The last round of book clubs will be finishing up this week. Today they will need to decide on their final project. The last meeting day will be on Thursday, work day on Friday, and their project will be due on Tuesday.  


With only 1.5 weeks left of school, it is very IMPORTANT that students continue working on their AR points! We already have 7 students who have met the goal of 80 points, while others are still a few points away! There are now three different ways that students can earn those points: AR testing, Book Critiques, and Book Summaries.


5-6th Science- This week we will finish up our unit on Light and Sound with a review and test on Friday.


3-4th Music- In the last week of school, we will be taking time in class to learn the end of the school year song as well as other fun children’s songs!   


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call or text me at 920-663-1892 or email me at lisalindemann@stpls.com. God’s blessings on your week!                             


Ms. Lisa Lindemann