Welcome to 7th-8th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Oct. 3 – Oct. 7


Mr. Markgraf’s Classes: 


7-8 Religion: We are nearing the end of our first Bible Study unit of the year… An essay will be due soon with the title, “Why is studying the Bible important?” Students will recall several key ideas from our unit, as well as something they learned and how they plan to use the skills they’ve gathered so far for the rest of their lives as they become lifelong Bible studiers!


7-8 Science: We are tackling the difficult area of heredity and genetics! Last week, we began our first look at Punnet squares where we make predictions about offspring based on the traits of parents. Difficult science words like homozygous and heterozygous were written in our notebooks! This week, we will continue reviewing and discussing these terms in addition to beginning to look at the process of meiosis, a very similar process to mitosis!


3-8 P.E.: With the weather cooling off a little bit, we are going to try to enjoy some outside time by doing a soccer unit for the next few weeks.


God bless your week!

Mr. Aaron Markgraf



Ms. Lindemann’s Classes: 


7/8 Hymnology: Verses 1 and 2 of  280 “Thy Strong Word” will be due this Wednesday. Our newest hymn will be 221 “Blessed Jesus at Your Word.”


7/8 English: This week we will learn about simple subject and simple predicate. We will also start memorizing 23 helping verbs.   


6/7 Math: With a test on Thursday, study guides will be going home today. We will take a look at mixed numbers and fractions throughout the rest of the week.  


7/8 Reading: I will introduce our new novels this Tuesday. The focus of the novels will be working on characterization and identifying how characters grow because of their challenges. Each of our novels will focus on one or more disabilities that students have. The books are Wonder, Out of My Mind, The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, and  Wink.     


5/6 Science: We are trying to answer the question “Are changes to the earth’s surface good or bad?” We created a criteria to help us answer the questions and now we are working our way through some changes to see if our criteria works. We will have a final test on the unit on Thursday with a review on Tuesday. Study guides will go home tonight.


3/4 Music: This week we look at how our hymnal reflects what is written in the Bible.