Welcome to 7th-8th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Sept. 21-25


Mr. Markgraf’s Classes 


7-8 Religion: We’re looking at the importance of context in Scripture this week. Too often, passages are taken out of context! We’ll be practicing how to use the surrounding statements to allow us to interpret the meaning of certain sections of the Bible.


Math: Another test is coming this week! Algebra is starting to find out that this year isn’t going to be all easy review like we’ve had so far!


7-8 Science: Our main focus last week was on cells and the organelles that make a cell work the way it does. This week, our focus will be on all the different things that cells do! Our essential question for this unit is: “How does God use cells to sustain life?”


3-8 P.E.: It’s time for some fun this week! We will be playing an old favorite: Capture the flag! But there’s a twist…


God bless your week!


Mr. Aaron Markgraf




Miss Lindemann’s Classes


7-8th Hymnology- “Jesus Sinners Does Receive” hymn 304 v 1, 6, and 7 are due this week Wednesday. We will study hymn 349 “Amazing Grace” this on Wednesday.


7-8th Language Arts- After finishing up talking about nouns, the 7-8th grade class will begin working on their first essay in English…a Research Report!!!


Course 2 Math- Monday is our 2nd test of the year. Afterwards we will be moving away from fractions and towards geometry. Measuring angles, classifying polygons, and finding perimeters.


7-8th Literature- We have reached the end of our first novel. This week we will be having our final discussions on the last few chapters. We will also spend this week wrapping up reader response projects and sharing our work the class so that we are ready to begin our new novel next week.


5-6th Science- We continue to look at weather and climate this week as we follow the water cycle, weather fronts, and read some articles. This will be our last week of weather though. We will have a review next Monday with a test the following day.


5-6th Social Studies- Today we move away from the infographic a little as we research times throughout history of each of the branches of governments do their specific jobs. Students will research news articles and broadcasts and create a presentation to show the class.


3-4th Music- Our liturgy study is under way. Students are learning to identify the different parts of the liturgy while also learning the Biblical and historical reasons why we include them.


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call or text me at 920-663-1892 or email me at lisalindemann@stpls.com. God’s blessings on your week!                             


-Ms. Lisa Lindemann




402-371-1654  (church) 

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