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Classroom News and Notes


Week of March 1 - 5


Mr. Markgraf’s Classes:


7-8 Religion: This week, we will be focusing on Psalm 104 – a “nature psalm” – in which we learn to appreciate God’s creation and his preservation of it.


7-8 Science: We’re wrapping up our unit on animals this week. Our test will be on Thursday. Everyone should make sure their mind map is up-to-date!


3-8 P.E.: We’re done fitness testing and all of the students are still alive! They wouldn’t have thought it possible beforehand… This week, we’re shifting to DANCE!!! Parents: ask your kids to show you what they learned in P.E. when they come home! It could make for some fun evenings at home…


God bless your week!


Mr. Aaron Markgraf





Ms. Lindemann’s Classes


Congratulations to our Pioneers! Great job at the tournaments!


7-8th Hymnology- “Jesus, Lead Us On” hymn 422 verses 1 and 2 are due on Wednesday this week. The new hymn is 226 “To You Temple I Draw Near”


7-8th Language Arts- This week Monday we will spend the day learning more about Declamation and going over our pieces. The rest of the week will be identifying adjectives, adverbs, and negatives before our unit test on Friday.


All 7-8th graders will have the opportunity to go down to NEHLS to give a declamation speech in the Science and Art Fair. I will be talking about declamations on Monday. We will be doing them for English class, and then they can choose to perform them at NEHLS in March.


Course 2 Math- The students worked really hard last week on isolating the variable to solve algebraic problems. We will continue practicing this throughout the next few lessons as well while still learning about fractions, areas, and percent. Thursday will be our unit assessment while Wednesday will be our review day. I will have afterschool math on Monday and Friday this week if any students are interested in a little extra help in math.


7-8th Literature- Students are working on their final projects for this last book. During those work days, we will also be learning about some literary elements this week like similes, metaphors, onomatopoeias and alliteration. We will primarily using poetry to help learn these terms and how authors use them.


Next week Friday is the end of the quarter! There are still quite a few students who have not met this quarters goals of 64 points. Book critiques are a great option to get those points. For a student to do a critique, they just need to pick a short chapter book (over 5 chapters) and fill out a critique on it that can be found on our Google Classroom page.


5-6th Science- The chemistry unit is over, and we are moving into physics and learning more about energy. We will dig a little deeper into potential and kinetic energy this week.


Science and Art Fair is coming up soon. All experiments need to be conducted by March 3rd. We will be putting together the report and the science board in school together to make sure that all the requirements are met.


3-4th Music- We put away the musical instruments to learn how to play cups! We have been focusing on rhythms and reading notes, and now we continue that lesson by playing music with everyday items like cups.


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to call or text me at 920-663-1892 or email me at lisalindemann@stpls.com. God’s blessings on your week!                             


Ms. Lisa Lindemann






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