Welcome to Kindergarten

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Sept. 21-25


Hello families!  Welcome to our new week of Kindergarten:


Christ Light:  Students will be hearing the Bible story, “God Saves Noah and His Family”.  They will learn about how God showed love to Noah and his family and how he shows love to us, too!


Bible Verse:  1 Timothy 2:3-4  God, our Savior, wants all men to be saved.


Superkids:  The children were so excited to meet their first Superpet, Golly!  Be sure to ask your child what silly thing Golly likes to do.  This week they will be listening for beginning and ending sounds and will also continue to identify words that rhyme and don’t rhyme.  They will also meet their next Superkid, Alf, and hear about the adventures he likes to take as they review the letter Aa and its sound.


Math:  The children will practice writing the numbers 7-10 this week.  They will work with cubes, bear counters, mini dogs, and dog bones to discover different ways to combine smaller numbers of objects together to make 8, 9, and 10.  They will also order objects to 10, talking about how many more one number is than another number.


Writing:  We have made it to our first Writing Celebration Day!  This is a fun day for the children as they get to share the writing they have done with their friends.  They are especially excited to bring their writing home to share with their families.  They have been working so hard on becoming better writers and nothing is more rewarding than being able to share one’s work with others! 


The children will begin a new writing unit this week about writing personal narratives.  In this unit they will begin to expand their writing from individual unrelated pages, to stretching their story out over several pages to make a book to tell their personal stories.


Unit Studies:  In science this week the students will be identifying common symbols and landforms on a map.  They will talk about the city, state, and country in which they live, and locate where they live on a map.  Now is a great time for you to start helping your child learn his address.  By saying it with him a few times a night, he will learn it in no time!


ABC Bootcamp:  We are over halfway through the alphabet already!  This week we will work with the letters Ee, Oo, Qq, and Uu.  I wonder if the children will be able to guess the picture for the letter Uu headbands.  It is super-silly and will get lots of laughs!


Reading Pockets:  Thanks so much for all your help at home!  Here’s what you can expect to see in your child’s reading pockets this week:

Daily: Reading/letter cards

Thursday:  Christ Light Bible story/worksheet


Show and Tell:  We will be having show and tell this Friday.  Your child may bring something that is special to him.  Please make sure it is appropriate for school and that it fits in his backpack.  Thanks!


Have a super week!


Mrs. Brown

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