Welcome to Kindergarten

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Jan. 17 – Jan. 21


Christ Light:  We continue to hear about how Jesus used his almighty power to perform miracles.  In their first Bible story, “The Great Catch of Fish,” the children will learn that God has chosen us to be his disciples, just as he called the disciples so long ago.  The children will also hear the story, “Jesus Calms the Storm.”  They will be reminded that we can always pray to God in times of trouble and He will help us!   


Memory Work:  1 Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.


Superkids:  The students will finish their last “Meet the Superkids” book and will start their new “Superkids Club” books.  In these books, the children will continue to review letters and letter sounds and gain more confidence in their decoding and fluency skills as they begin to read longer stories.  These Superclub books are excellent to add to your child’s library of books, as they are fully decodable and will help your child to feel successful as readers!


Math:  This week the children will continue to practice making teen numbers, understanding that ten plus another number makes the numbers 11-19.  They will also be reviewing the concept of place value in regards to tens and ones.


Writing:  The children will continue working on their “All About” books, learning how to include important information that will help their reader better understand the topic they are writing about.  They will also listen to informational books that are read to them, using them as a model for organizing their own books and being clear in their writing.


Reading Pockets: 

Daily: Reading/blending pages/math facts

Tuesday:  Read Christlight Bible story – The Great Catch of Fish – NO worksheet

Thursday:  Read Christlight Bible story – Jesus Calms the Storm – Please complete the worksheet and return it on Friday.


MAP Testing:  The students will be taking some tests this week to give me a better understanding of their progress so far this year, as well as to allow me to see areas that need extra focus in the coming months.  Just like last time, we will talk about how they will not be able to get all the answers correct, and that’s okay.  I will be encouraging them to get a good night’s sleep each night so they are able to do their best!


Afternoon classes


Unit Studies: This week the children will be learning about Ruby Bridges, a brave girl who was in kindergarten just like they are now, and how her bravery helped to produce change for the better in America.  Little kids can do big things!  They will also be talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the work he did to change the attitudes of the people of his time.  The children will come to understand that they can show love to God by treating all people with love, respect, and kindness.  We will discuss how God has made each person unique, whether it be in the way he looks, acts, or speaks.  What a wonderful thing that God made each person special! 


Blessings on your week!

Mrs. Brown

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