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Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4


Christ Light:  This week we begin learning about the true meaning of Christmas, the celebration of our Savior Jesus’ birth.  Students will learn the Bible story, “God’s Special Message for Mary”.  God sent his angel to tell Mary that she would be the mother of the promised Savior.  Just as Mary trusted in God, so we too trust in God and the things he tells us as he speaks to us through his Word.


Memory Work:  (Finger at lips) Shhh! We must be very quiet!  We cannot make a noise!  (Finger down)  If you listen very carefully, you will begin to hear some special sounds.  These are the sounds of Christmas.  (Finger at lips)  Shhh!  We must be very, very, quiet!


Still, Still, Still v. 3

Sleep, sleep, sleep, he lies in slumber deep.

While angel hosts from heav’n come winging,

Sweetest songs of joy are singing,

Sleep, sleep, sleep, he lies in slumber deep.


Please note:  This is more memory work than normal, but both of these are things we have been working on at school for a few weeks now.  Videotaping for the Christmas service will be happening soon!


Superkids:  The children will be learning with the Superkid Frits, who likes to fish, this week.  They will continue to improve their reading skills and will also be introduced to different types of sentences.


Math:  The children will practice adding/subtracting using a number line.  Last week we used bunny erasers to hop up the number line to help the children add.  This week the children will make Christmas characters hop up and down the number line as they add and subtract.


Writing:  The students will continue writing to persuade someone of something.  They will also begin writing a review of a game, book or movie this week.  They are especially focusing on proper spacing between letters and words in a sentence as they write.


Reading Pockets: 

Daily: Reading/blending pages


Thursday:  Read Christlight Bible story – God’s Special Message for Mary - complete worksheet 


A Note About Santa:  Many of the kindergarteners are very excited about Santa!  If your child is one that already knows the truth, please talk with him about not sharing his secret with others. J  We will have some fun Christmas activities this month that sometimes will include Santa, but we always, always stress that Jesus is even more important than Santa.  He is the true reason we celebrate.  The gift of God’s son, Jesus, who came to live a perfect life on Earth and die on the cross for us sinners, is the best gift we could ever receive!


Afternoon classes


Unit Studies:  This week the children will make decorations for our classroom Christmas tree.  They will also be working on a super-secret Christmas project! 


Additional Activities:  The children will work with many new Christmas centers throughout December that will help reinforce skills such as adding and subtracting, reading and writing sight words, measuring, counting tally marks, and working with word families. 


Blessings on your week!


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