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Classroom News and Notes


Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4


Happy Monday! 


 Someone’s coming! Someone’s coming! Do you know just who?  Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!  Born for me and you.


Advent means coming.  We will be talking about the coming of Jesus in the weeks ahead. This is such an exciting time!  We will have special Advent devotions, read special books, and make special items to get our hearts ready for Jesus birthday.  We will also have our regular Bible lessons and other subjects.  This week we will hear about the woman in Simon’s house who showed her great love for Jesus for forgiving her sins, and about Jesus feeding the 5,000 with a small lunch.  Our math lessons will cover adding two to odd and even numbers and more work with clocks and telling time.  Our Superkids lessons are working with adding endings to words and descriptive writing. This week we in explorations we will start our Christmas Around the World unit.  


Show and Tell: bring your favorite book 


Book It!:  Return November sheets.  December sheets are in folders today.


Last week we celebrated two birthdays in our classroom.  Kalyn and Ryan have the same birthday—May 23rd.  We celebrated their half birthdays on Monday and Tuesday.  God’s whole blessings to you, Ryan and Kalyn! We are so glad you are in our class.  



Monday:  read lesson 2B / wksht / memory: John 8:47a —He who belongs to God hears what God says.

Tuesday: read Dominic’s apple / wksht on back

Wednesday: math facts / Yuck! Yuck!

Thursday: read lesson 3A / wksht / memory: Psalm 50: 15a Call upon me in the day of trouble.


Have a wonderful week!






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