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Little Lambs Enrollment

New Students

  1. The enrollment process at Little Lambs begins with completing our Application for Admission. You will need to create an account with your email to get access to the application form.​​

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to register for ​Extended Learning (full-day care), please indicate that option by clicking the box on the "Information" page of the application.

  1. Submit the annual registration fee of $50.00. This can be paid via a check made out to St. Paul's Lutheran School.

  2. We also invite you to tour our facility and visit our classrooms to see our wonderful teachers in action along with getting a better feel of what our class schedule is like on a daily basis.

  3. Your request for enrollment will be reviewed and acted upon by the St. Paul’s Board of Christian Education once we have received your registration form as well as the annual registration fee of $50.00.

  4. Open enrollment for the next school year begins the first Monday after New Year's.


Continuing Students

A pre-registration for current families takes place every year in December. Official registration for the next school year begins after New Year's with your pre-registration holding your spot for the new year. Registration is finalized with the receipt of the annual registration fee of $50.00 to the school office.

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