Welcome to 5th-6th Grade




Classroom News and Notes


Week of May 10 - 14


Thanks to all of you who helped make last week’s Teacher Appreciation Week special!  It was so nice to receive your individual notes, cards, or gifts.  Teaching at St. Paul’s is joy and gift from God.  Thank you for your continual partnership as we finish the year strong!


END OF YEAR FIELD TRIP INFO:  We will be going to the Omaha Zoo on Monday, May 17th!  There are still several students that should bring in $5 to me by Friday to defray the cost of the trip.  If students would like to bring extra money for concessions or souvenirs, that is fine with me. The plan at this point is to leave around 6:50am to arrive at the zoo by 9am. We will leave the zoo at approximately 3pm. Bring your own sack lunches.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Please continue utilizing the Powerschool gradebook to check in with grades as we near the end of the quarter.  Don’t forget to continue reading to reach your AR GOAL!


5-6 ChristLight— This week we continue to view segments of the Bible on Video as we look into Acts, including acts and persecutions of the first apostles.  In each lesson we will review how we can take the TRUTH we learn and apply it to our Christian living.
***Memory Work:  None


5-6 Language Arts—There will be no spelling work this week nor grammar lessons.  However we will be doing a writing unit.  We will spend this entire last week to craft a short fictional story!


5-6 Social Studies— This week we will explore the mystery of Amelia Earhart and learn how WWII brought America out of the Great Depression.  We will also learn some of the basics of how the war played out this week. 


7-8 U.S. History—This week we continue learning about what life was like for slaves in the 100 year period before the Civil War.  We will be using ROOTS: the miniseries as are main learning tool as we reflect, discuss, and write about living conditions during this time period. The show is first set in Africa where a boy is born named Kunta Kinte but is taken into slavery where he starts a new life full of challenges in America.  It continues by following his life as well as his descendants through American history.


3-4 Social Studies— Nebraska studies continue as we learn about what life in Nebraska was like for the Native Americans and the first pioneers.


5-8 Music-- We will be learning our song for graduation night in both classes. 5-6 we will also be reviewing basic music theory and notation. 7-8 will be picking up off our musical to learn about some famous musical artists from the 20th Century.


May God bless our last full week together!


Mr. Brown