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Classroom News and Notes


Week of Jan. 17 – Jan. 21


MAP testing is resuming this week for our winter session.  Last week students received vocabulary to study so they are more prepared for concepts that will appear on these tests.  Students are encouraged to review these Quizlet flashcard sets throughout the week.  Remember to get plenty of rest each night this week and eat an adequate breakfast each day to be in tip-top shape mentally to take these test.  We start with Language on Tuesday!


5-6 ChristLight— Our lessons for this week are The Bronze Snake and Balaam.  In our stories we’ll learn that God disciplined Moses and the Israelites and graciously saved them.  We’ll also see that a sorcerer named Balaam opposed God’s will, so God disciplined him and used him for his own good purpose.  We thank God for his gracious discipline in our lives, which lead us to repentance.  We also thank Him for his forgiveness through Christ, which saves us from sin’s eternal consequences.

            *Memory Work = 8th Commandment & WDTM?


5-6 Spelling—LESSON 20 


5-6 Social Studies— This week we are reviewing the geography of ancient Mesoamerica and learning about its ancient civilizations: Olmec, Maya, and Aztecs.


7-8 U.S. History— We continue our study of the 1920s.  This decade produced striking changes in America.  New forms of entertainment and technology such as radio and film remain popular today. The automobile forever changed the American way of life. It helped shift homes, shops, and factories from the inner cities to the suburbs. However, despite the economic boom that many experienced, all did not share in these good times.  The students will be working on a group project this week where they have to create Advertisements for an up-and-coming new product created at this time.


3-4 Social Studies—This week we will learn about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and begin our Winter MAP testing.


5-6 Music—This week we are reviewing for Friday’s test on Baroque/Classical composers. 


7-8 Church History/Music—We will continue our lessons about “A Christian’s Worship Life”.


Jesus’s death pays our sinful debt,

Mr. Brown