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Classroom News and Notes


Week of March 1 - 5


Lutheran Schools Week was a lot of fun with the dress up days and other extra activities!  Good job basketball teams for giving your best efforts to represent our school down in Waco at Nebraska Lutheran!


*Supply Request: We are nearly out of disinfecting (Clorox/Lysol style) wipes for our classroom.  The kids do a good job of cleaning their desks with these at lunchtime.  Would it be possible for a few more of these to be donated to our room to finish out the year?  Thank you!


5-6 ChristLight— Our stories for this week are Jesus is Crucified and Our Savior Dies.  The overall theme the students will focus on is: Jesus paid the penalty for our sin. We thank and praise Jesus for willingly suffering in our place to pay for our sins.  The work for our Salvation is “finished” by Jesus and is given to us as a free gift!

               *Memory Treasures:  (due Thursday)   2nd Article of Apostles Creed


5-6 Spelling—Unit 28     Pretest Monday, Final Test Friday.


5-6 Social Studies— We have finished studying the Teens decade of the 20th Century and will be reviewing for a test coming up on THURSDAY.  We also begin learning about different events that happened during the Roaring ‘20s.


7-8 U.S. History— Heads up that our unit project is due this THURSDAY.  The students are into chapter 10 already and are studying the Era of Good Feelings, the time when political differences melted away and the country had peace and prosperity.  Imagine! 


3-4 Social Studies—We continue learning about local and national governments in the USA!  We are excited to have a guest presenter come this Tuesday to come and talk about city government.  Thank you Gary Jackson!


5-6 Music— We continue playing Lent songs from our hymnal on the hand chimes.


7-8 Music—This week we begin learning about one family of instruments more in-depth: percussion.  We will also start learning parts for our Spring Musical—Dateline: Rock ‘n Roll.


Together in Christ,


Mr. Brown




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