Welcome to 5th-6th Grade

Classroom News and Notes


Week of Sept. 21-25

  • 1st Quarter mid-quarter reports come home this week.  Remember that parents and students can daily check student grades using the Powerschool app.


  • MAP TESTING STARTS FOR GRADES 5-6 THIS TUESDAY!  Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast each day this week to do your best!


5-6 ChristLight— Our stories this week are Jesus Changes Water into Wine and Jesus Heals the Official’s Son.  In both of these stories we focus on the theme: Jesus’ first miracles show that he is God.     ***Memory Treasures: Ephesians 3:20(a)   1 Timothy 2:5 = Thursday               


5-6 Spelling—This week students are working on LESSON 5.


5-6 Social Studies— We have started our 2nd unit of the year about the “Age of Exploration”!  This is the time when people started to sail around the world and “discover” new lands that had been unknown to Europeans in the past.  Also a heads up that there is a “bigger” explorer research project starting this week where students get to choose an explorer and use Google Slides to create a presentation. We will be working on this project throughout the week.


7-8 U.S. History— We have entered Unit 2 and will begin learning about the new colonies forming in America and their growth.


3-4 Social Studies— The students should have finished their “Neighborhood Map” and they are proudly hanging in the hallway! Students are using this class period to do MAP TESTING all this week.


5-6 Music— We continue our Rhythm/Percussion instrument unit!  We will continue to experiment with different percussion instruments and learn new songs as we read music and keep time.


7-8 Music— We have started our second unit in upper-grade music class this year.  We’ve moved on from Impressionism to Modernism.  The two composers we are studying are Prokofiev and Stravinsky.  Two of the most famous songs we study in this unit is Peter and the Wolf and The Firebird.


If you have any questions contact me on Classtag or the following: scottbrown@stpls.com or 402-730-3278.


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Mr. Brown






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