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Classroom News and Notes


Week of Nov. 30-Dec. 4


Praying that you enjoyed your extended Thanksgiving weekend!  God’s blessings to your families as we head toward the Christmas season and gear up for our Christmas program!


5-6 ChristLight— Our stories this week are Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand and Jesus Walks on Water.  Through these stories we learn the truths that Jesus fulfills all our needs, both physical and spiritual, and that we can trust him completely when the storms of our lives knock us down.

*Memory Treasures:      Students are focusing on memorizing the Christmas songs this week.


5-6 Spelling—This week we are working on unit 15.


5-6 Social Studies— Europe maps have been turned in!  On Wednesday, students will have a quiz matching the Western countries of Europe with their capitals. We will also be learning about famous landmarks across Europe.


7-8 U.S. History— This week we start a new Government/civics unit.  We’ll be learning about the importance of our constitution and how our government works.


3-4 Social Studies— We will finish up the pilgrims and the Northeast this week.  Then we study rural communities by looking at dairy farms and milk products!  We will learn how both cheese and butter are made from milk. 


5-6 Music— The students will continue their unit about the instruments of the orchestra this week.


7-8 Music— Our next unit of study is about American composers.  Do any of these names ring a bell:  Foster, Sousa, Berlin, Copland, Gershwin, Rogers?  We will also continue learning our Christmas service parts.


I am thankful for our partnership in Christ,


Mr. Brown





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